Happy Valentine's Day from a wolf with fingers

January 2023

Part I of an investigation into the grow-an-animal industry

November 2022

Plus I dove deep on that Business Insider pronatalist piece

September 2022

Sleep stories

March 2022

HI. Two notes. To the bunch of new subscribers I got since #92, 3 kids 1 swab: Thank you for subscribing! “Welcome.” A number of you came via Emily…

January 2022

The new craze is family pool testing. Here’s how it works: To conserve rapid tests, the whole immediate family uses one swab and only tests everyone…
Imagine if we didn’t live in these United States, we have thought many times over the past two years.

May 2021

gather round to hear this ancient legend

February 2021

[Background here and here].
I do not exactly think of Eileen as a “pandemic baby” because she was born on February 2, 2020, six weeks before we all had to start staying home. Kevin…

January 2021

Have you been following MY INSTAGRAM? If not, 2021 is the time to start! To get a taste of some of what you’ll find, here are my TOP 4 POSTS OF 2020…

December 2020

We didn’t do Elf on the Shelf because anti-surveillance state, etc. (I realize this is a little rich coming from someone who handed their DNA over to 23…