#84, let's skip the part where...

I didn’t write for so long, for the same reasons as everyone else. This is especially embarrassing considering I said I was going to send one of these EVERY DAY during the pandemic, but also I didn’t know then that the pandemic was going to last years. Here, I’ll just sum up the last several months quickly.

“Honestly, we’re so privileged that I shouldn’t even be complaining about this, but [vomits out words about childcare/schools]. I mean, if you look at the science, [data point about kids under the age of 10/transmission]. Although I do realize that even data can be subjective! It’s an impossible situation and everybody is doing the best they can: Here, I made this spreadsheet of 300+ family members, friends, and social media acquaintances and their ‘pandemic grades.’ It honestly shouldn’t be so much about individuals, though, the government genuinely has failed us, though, it’s okay to be angry, really really angry. But what’s the point in being angry all the time? Though honestly, what kind of priorities do we hold as a nation if I saw an Instagram from Denmark where they didn’t even have to wear masks and I cried? Look, it’s just one Christmas. ONLY MY LAST BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS, but we have our health. We have our physical health. For now. We’re so lucky! I just can’t imagine if…Did you see that article about kids and schools? It was so troubling. Honestly, we’re so privileged that I shouldn’t even be complaining about this, but…”

See, you didn’t really miss anything. The person who has changed the most is the baby, who is 10 months (and 8.5 pandemic months) old tomorrow.